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Buddy 50 - $2,250.00

More Than Just Another Scooter - It's Genuine!
The Genuine Buddy 50 stands alone as the best scooter in its class.

Its 50cc 2-stroke engine is more powerful than any comparable scoot, which means you'll have more fun zipping through town on a Buddy 50 than on any other 50cc out there. You'll also turn more heads with any of the nine available colors in the process.
Buddy 50 Colors
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Buddy Kick - $3,470.00

You'll Get A Kick When You Ride It!
Experience the power and performance of Genuine's fuel injected 125cc scooter called the Buddy Kick! This scooter is superior in quality to much higher priced scooters on the market today. With front and rear disc brakes, dual rear shocks and many other high-end features, the Buddy Kick is a well-designed scooter that proudly rounds out Genuine's Buddy product line.

Experience a superior scooter at an affordable price - get a Buddy Kick! today.
Buddy Kick Colors
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Buddy 125 - $2,970.00

Power and Charm!
First time scooter owners and seasoned veterans agree: the Buddy 125 has won their hearts with its seamless blend of modern technology, power and vintage style.

Filled with personality and performance, the Buddy 125 comes in Genuine’s signature bright colors and has a bigger engine for a more powerful ride. Glide through busy traffic with ease, climb the steepest hills and take long weekend cruises.
Buddy 125 Colors
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Buddy 170i - $3,570.00

Peak Performance
The Buddy 170i delivers a power-packed performance that’s sure to get your blood flowing. An advanced electronic fuel injection system makes the Buddy 170i the smoothest scooter of its kind.

High-quality brake components and stylish modern features make the Buddy 170i feel like it’s genuinely connected to you in all the right ways. There’s plenty of storage under the seat, making the 170i the ultimate commuter scooter. It has a 90mpg† rating and will cost you pennies to operate. Pound for pound, the Buddy 170i is the most powerful scooter in the USA!
Buddy 170 Colors
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Buddy 50 International - $2,540.00

European Flair
Our Little Buddy Internationals pack plenty of big European flavor in a small fun-to-ride package.
Stylish and romantic, the Little Buddy Italia would be right at home circling the Roman Coliseum and shopping in Milano.

The bullish Little Pamplona makes every day a fiesta! Great colors and plenty of Latin flavor make this bike a daring favorite. So come on! Take this Buddy by
the horns!

Genuine’s Little Internationals offer plenty of power for slicing through traffic, getting over 100 mpg† and, in most states, a special motorcycle license is not required.
Buddy 50 International Colors
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Hooligan - $3,670.00

Rule The Road
Introducing the Hooligan, Genuine's most rugged, exhilarating and versatile scooter yet. Designed to dominate in the 200cc and under class, the Hooligan packs a mean punch.

With its long wheel base, dual rear suspension and dual disc brakes, Hooligan is among the most powerful rides in its class. Loaded with extras, the Hooligan is equipped with a projector headlight, alloy rims, a digital speedometer, a large two person seat and plenty of storage capacity. This powerful 170 fuel injected scooter will bring out your inner Hooligan.

Take it for a ride. Knock it around. Rule the road on a Hooligan!
Hooligan Colors
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Roughhouse 50 - $2,250.00

Rule The Road
The Genuine Roughhouse 50 is the only scooter in its class that is as tough as it looks.

The 50cc 2-stroke engine means that you'll have the power to tackle both trails and traffic with ease, leaving other scooters in the dust.
Roughhouse 50 Colors
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Roughhouse Sport 50 - $2,450.00

Get On The Road!
It's hard to improve upon something as great as the Roughhouse, but we did! This Roughhouse comes loaded with upgrades that will get your heart going!
Roughhouse Sport 50
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Royal Alloy - Grand Tourer 150 - $4,273.70

Rule The Road
Royal Alloy’s GT150 is the point where Nostalgia is made Real. Its timeless looks and fine details elevate this head turning machine into something impossible to ignore. The clean, smooth lines of this metal bodied classic set the GT150 apart from the crowd.
Royal Alloy - Grand Tourer Colors
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G400C Motorcycle - $5,094.59

These Roads Are Your Roads
We could focus on the details, like the fuel injected engine and 5-speed transmission. Or the classic design and retro styling. But you can see that below.

Instead, let’s focus on the reasons to ride the G400C motorcycle. Let’s focus on the freedom of the open road. Let’s focus on the people you’ll meet and the friendships you’ll form as you travel the roads that will take you through big cities, small towns and rural America.

Let’s focus on America’s roads. These roads are your roads. Yours to explore on the G400C from Genuine.
G400C Colors
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